Beware Elite Directed History to New Underworld Order!

US says "F__k the EU" - Snowden NSA & Ukraine Directed History

Directed History

directed history

Directed History Toward New Underworld Order

By Delwyn Lounsbury - THE DEFLATION GURU

Beware! "Directed History" is how the Anglo American financial power elite world central banking families who own the Federal Reserve Bank and the other some 150 central (sovereign) banks of the world plan on shaping, steering, engineering a directed history to their dictatorial liking. This impossibly rich consortium of 1,100 families want a one world government/new world order Hitler-like dictatorship and they will do anything to achieve that end - even the nazification of the world.

The financial elite along with their military, corporate and religious enablers and cronies want a "Directed History" toward Marxism, fascist world government and a New Dark Ages feudalism with them as kings and you and I as serf and slaves. Unfortunately, they have the money to do it having had Carte' Blanche to make monopoly fiat money out of thin air for one hundred years now. These central bankers are a trans-generational criminal cabal. THINK: HITLER AND THE MAFIA JOIN TO BECOME BIG BROTHER!

The "Directing History" subterfuge is the biggest story in the whole wide world because the elite are causing a crushing deflationary Greater Depression, a possible World War Three and God forbid a New Dark Ages if we don't stop them. Details of their insidious plot is not being told because the elite own the mainstream press.

In fact, if it is in the mainstream press then it is likely a fear-based or scarcity-based smokescreen aimed at taking your freedom and liberty. You can pretty much believe the opposite of what most of the press is saying as their main goal is to foster globalist institutions like the United Nations and Bank for International Settlements etc.

The financial power elite - (the central BANKSTERS) have been orchestrating a weakening of free market capitalism for possibly the last 300 years to grind the middle class into submission and global governance by usurping their power and ripping off their money and/or the value of their money. The chaos and turmoil of the depression and Greater Depression that started with the 2000 dot com stock market mania bubble crash may be the tipping point for the final takeover as people just give up.

The Greater Depression may last into 2016-2020 and result in a 90 percent drop in most asset prices. Gold may drop .618% from peak. Unemployment will probably exceed 50 percent. This global deflationary depression will be twice as big and twice as long as the elite caused 1930's depression. It brought socialist and fascist Franklin Roosevelt into power.

Every government regulation and law is a price fix that transfers wealth away from actual producers. Roosevelt was the king of new socialist regulations. His administration enacted some 500 of them during his term in office. Roosevelt's misguided thinking made that depression last seven years longer than it should have and led America down the road to a Keynesian socialism micro-managed economy. The problem with socialism is that it always grows government so big that it eventually kills the host - the economy.

Welcome to an Orwellian "Big Brother" society with the likes of President Barack Hussein Obama doing the elites wet work. Why do you think Obama the socialist communist Marxist fascist Nazi got the Nobel Peace Prize and the $1 million dollars (front money) that goes with it in the first months of his presidency? His constant tax the rich wealth redistribution platform is covert communist code comrade - textbook Communism and Marxism 101 class warfare. Obama's "investments" are just pet projects like Solyndra Solar that just went bankrupt with $528 million of taxpayer money. Investment is Marxist Obama code for government spending never meant to make a profit or to ever be repaid.

The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs, Morgans, Goldmans, Oppenheimers, Schiffs and George Soros (to name a few of the financial elite) will be telling you where to work, where to live, what to do and what to think cradle to grave.

The elite central bankers use fiat money inflation, wars, bailouts, global warming (a myth), Islamic fascism, terrorism, pandemic disease scares and now a cruel crushing deflationary Greater Depression as smokescreens for taking your freedom and liberty.

The UN, IMF, World Bank, the International Criminal Court, the World Health Organization, NATO (global government's military arm) and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) run out of Brussels will rule the new world order under the globalists plan.

The elite may even try to depopulate areas of the world to rein in the mushrooming human activity and the depletion of natural resources with World War Three which them may lead to a New Dark Ages in which you, your children and your children's children are slaves forevermore?

The financial power elite have sold their stocks, bonds and excess real estate by now. They will be going short only to buy them back at ten cents on the dollar in five years or so. The banksters want a sound dollar now to fool you in their world government/new world order “Directed History” totalitarian takeover.

The elite have used these central banks all over the world to ruin our money, our morals and our will. Think Mafia - only this time rich banking families bring about global governance and the ruin of the middle class so as to control and enslave the world in their "Directed History" - the new underworld order!

Four latest developments:

(1) A push to form a "United States of Europe" to centralize their power and prove big government works - a bailout saddling their citizens with more debt.

(2) "Arab Spring" to turn once secular governments into an Islamic Crescent to serve as the new enemy of the West - a smokescreen. World War Three dead ahead!

(3) Occupy Wall Street people are rightly frustrated but are co-opted into blaming business for what is really deceit by central banking elite. They may be infiltrated at top levels by U.S. intelligence and the U.S. State Department.

(4) Bogus bank bailouts (bailouts are the name of the game) as the elite arrange transfer of debt to the taxpayer. These corporate and bank bailouts have been facilitated by both political parties in the U.S. Now, the Greek sovereign debt bailout is punishing that country as an example of what can be expected if you don't follow the elite's directed history program. THINK: NAZI!

Only the internet reformation revolution and the truth told on the net (which is right up there with the advent of the Gutenberg printing press 500 years ago printing Bibles in common language instead of Greek and Latin) along with private gold backed money can save us. Only gold is not someone else's debt. Only gold is honest - Only gold lets free enterprise blossom.

By the way, don't trust any one world currency scheme floated by the United Nations or International Monetary fund etc. It will just be more fraudulent paper money printing.

Beware the Council On Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group! Reduce the size and power of government! Stop the borrowing and spending! Stop the bailouts! Stop Obama and the department of un-justice from doing injustices to us and to our Constitution! Get behind the Internet Reformation. Stop the nazification. Stop the 30,000 spy drones and the 450 million hollow point bullets the fascist US police state Department of Homeland Security and corrupt Congress just ordered!

THE DIRECTED HISTORY SCHEME MAY LEAD TO THE A NEW DARK AGES. Read "The Creature from Jekyll Island - A Second Look at the Federal Reserve" by G. Edward Griffin if you don't believe me.

Copyright 2013 by Delwyn Lounsbury - The Deflation Guru Use of this article allowed with attribution back to:

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I am an Eagle Scout who is loyal, truthful, honest and trustworthy to you. “Be Prepared” is the Boy Scout motto. Isn't it?

You can learn more about the planned Hitler-like one-world government socialist dictatorship - a 100 plus year old insidious takeover plot by inter-generational central banking elite - at my new site Hurry your and the worlds survival is at risk!


Government of the Elites, by the Elites and of the Elites

By Monty Perelin

"There is no viable political solution. Choosing between Corruption Faster (Democrats) and Corruption Slower (Republicans) does not change the destination, merely the rate at which the public is plundered. Government is too large and too powerful to allow itself to be dismantled via the ballot box. Yet it is also too large, too inefficient and too insolvent to survive.

A mercy killing, administered by an economic collapse, will provide a meaningful opportunity to address the political problem and return to limited government. Such an event, unfortunately, also opens the possibility of a totalitarian state.

Great pain lies ahead. The only issue is whether it will be short-term (say ten years) or long-term as in the old Soviet Union. Be aware of what lies ahead and prepare as best you can."

Read more:

Directed History

Directed History by Bankers : Occupy Wallstreet vs French Revolution



We are increasingly believers in "directed history" – history that's coordinated by a power elite intent on creating one-world government. We've written a good deal about the directed history we're seeing as regards Occupy Wall Street. We think that the movement has been set up to be divisive and ultimately to reinforce the power of the state. Out of chaos ... order.

That's probably the reason the movement has no agenda. The people at the top who are manipulating the movement know what they want to achieve and are doing so in order to trigger increased social discord. The ultimate aim, perhaps, is to enhance world government. We've explained the parallelism here: VIDEO: Parallels Between Early 20th Century and Present Are Scary.

But there are even more parallels. The Tea Party movement in America was organic to begin with. It was a bit like the American Revolution. But having observed the American Revolution, the power elite of the day (from what we can tell) fomented the French Revolution.

That's how long the modern conspiracy to set up world government has been going on, in our view – about 300 years, maybe since the founding of the Iluminati. The American Revolution, manipulated as it may have been, ultimately was in a sense anti-government and focused on individual freedom.

The French Revolution was set up deliberately to be "pro-government" – or pro-force at any rate. It was designed to defuse classical liberalism and freedom by proposing that government in the hands of an expert technocracy could "perfect" society and humankind.


Directed History


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