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I, Delwyn Lounsbury, The Deflation Guru, am an Eagle Scout - truthful and loyal. My mission is to get you to "BE PREPARED" for the hyperdeflation crisis and a drop of 90% in most of your investments.

Relevant analysis, information and articles about the coming Greater Depression with extreme and urgent timeliness regarding your ability to survive the debilitating market crash dead ahead as most assets drop 90 percent from peak and unemployment reaches 50 percent.


de·fla·tion /diˈflāSHən/


Reduction of the general level of prices in an economy.


“Our economy is based on spending billions to persuade people that happiness is buying things, and then insisting that the only way to have a viable economy is to make things for people to buy so they’ll have jobs and get enough money to buy things.” ― Philip Slate








As someone who spent a near decade within finance and investment banking, your site was an excellent find. You've got some incredibly potent analysis inside, especially on how crucial the next few years are RE being prepared and ready to pounce on the asset bargains that deflation brings.

By Tuks Engineer


How You Protect Your Money When the U.S. Debt Bill Bombs

Dear Reader

Ever heard of a wedding crasher? You know -- that distant “cousin” who shows up uninvited, hangs around the open bar all night, drinks double everything and falls on his butt on the dance floor - all before mysteriously vanishing and leaving his night of indulgence on the father of the bride’s tab.

You don’t want to be around when that bill comes due!

Well, as a quasi-government organization with the authority to suck down your hard-earned money through the act of inflation and now deflation, the Zionist owned Federal Reserve Bank is “a market crasher,” and you could be the responsible one left with its bill when inflation turns into massive deflation.

Did you know that the Fed has been inflating the supply of dollars at a stunning 33% annual rate over the past five years? And that it plans to continue inflating the supply of dollars at least into 2014 and has kept open the possibility that it will do so indefinitely?

When the Fed’s party is over what do you think will happen, who do you think will be left with the bill?

Not the Wall Street evil banksters. We've all learned the "bail-out is name of the game" lesson which puts the bill and onus of payment back on the taxpayer.

The only cure for credit inflation is a crushing credit reduction. But you can protect yourself in the coming deflationary Greater Depression even though your window of safety is closing rapidly.

Robert Prechter, best selling author, market forecaster and leading truth teller about the Federal Reserve, has just released a series of reports that that will help you understand the risks of deflation that most mainstream sources cannot see because they are blinded by decades of inflationary Fed policy meant to bring down the once great United States of America and assimilate it into a totalitarian "Big Brother" one world government dictatorship.

Follow the links above to download your free CRASH-protection reports now. Hurry! >>

Report Excerpt:

The Federal Reserve's efforts to rescue the economy have been historically aggressive, starting with the initial round of quantitative easing in 2008 and continuing through 2013. The central bank's assets have skyrocketed due to the Fed's bond purchases, which you can see clearly in this eye-opening report that Robert Prechter presented to the Market Technicians Association and his Elliott Wave Theorist subscribers.

The main reason investors are expecting runaway inflation is the Fed has been inflating the supply of dollars at a stunning 33% annual rate over the past five years. ... no wonder investors expect inflation and have aggressively positioned for it.

Look just about anywhere else, however, and you will see subtle evidence of deflationary pressures. Given knowledge only of the Fed’s inflating, many people would expect the Producer and Consumer Price Indexes to be rising at a rate of 33% annually. But, as you can see in Figure 2, the PPI’s annual rate of change is stuck at zero and the CPI has been rising at only a 2% rate.

In an interview at the recent San Francisco Money Show with financial author Jim Mosquera, EWI's Chief Market Analyst Steven Hochberg explains why the Fed has gotten so little in return from its stimulus programs. Here's a brief excerpt from the interview published on Aug. 18, 2013 on the website.

Question: The Fed wizards have been pushing buttons and pulling levers rather furiously since 2008. The discount rate is rock bottom, and the Fed balance sheet has swelled to the tune of trillions. What button is left for them to push?

Steve Hochberg: That is a really interesting question the way you phrased it because the fact that they have been pushing buttons and have gotten very little in return tells us … that the Fed is not in control. The Fed does not control the markets, and it doesn't control the economy. Both are bigger than the Fed.

You say they have been doing this furiously. They have been doing this historically! Yet if you look at inflationary measures, such as the Personal Consumption Expenditures, which is the Fed's favorite way of measuring inflation, it's bumping along at 1%.

We have had historic fiscal and monetary stimulus and yet no inflation. Why? The forces of deflation are overwhelming the forces of inflation. The Fed dropped interest rates in 2000 to 2002 and that did not stop the Nasdaq from dropping 78%. The Fed dropped rates from 2007 to 2009 and it did not stop the Dow from going down 59%. There is historical evidence that the Fed does not control the markets but that the markets control the Fed.

As the next leg of the bear market starts unfolding, they are going to do more unconventional things. Things will accelerate to the downside when the public realizes the central banks aren't in control. Get information about the coming crash. Hurry!

For a limited time, you can read Robert Prechter’s report to prepare for what EWI sees ahead. In this report you'll learn why the risk of deflation is mounting and how you can see it coming in the prices of gold, gas, real estate, crude oil and other markets. Click above link.




Robert Prechter January 2013 - Join his Club EWI FREE - links above!

In the last quarter alone....

1. Warren Buffet liquidated 21% of his investments in companies that require consumer demand.

2. Fellow billionaire John Paulson dumped 14 million shares of JP Morgan Chase. The fund also dumped its entire position in discount retailer Family Dollar, and consumer-goods maker Sara Lee.

3. Finally, billionaire George Soros recently sold nearly all of his bank stocks, including shares of JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, and Goldman Sachs. Between the three banks, Soros sold more than a million shares. Then in the December of 2013 he made a $1.3 billion short bet on stock put options.

If you have not realized the Greater Depression started in 2000 with the dot com stock mania crash, then you probably have no idea why these billionaires are selling their stocks.

They and many corporate insiders are preparing for the greatest wealth transfer the world has ever known - bigger than the one in 2007-2008.

In a couple of years, they will buy all that stock back up for pennies on the dollar just after the stock market has suffered a 90% crash and unemployment is skyrocketing to 50%.

This is real. This is happening.

Zionism Sabotage

You will not see this on Zionist owned television.

Failure to act before the CRASH will mean devastation for you and your family.

This is something the Jewish mainstream media is not reporting, while their friends and fellow insiders liquidate their positions - likely to leave you and your retirement funds holding the bag.

Meaning a massive deflation sets in.

You need to take immediate action right now.

Here is what I suggest: Become a FREE subscriber by clicking links above.

Deflation Economy

The deflation economy actual real peak or DOW divided by real money or gold or the Consumer Price Index (CPI) or the Producer Price Index (PPI) was the year 2,000 dot com stock mania climax top. July of 2014 is likely a final top of a 13 year triple top of a wave (B) bear market rally of GRAND SUPERCYCLE Elliott Wave scale. Wave A down ended in 2008 and wave B up (a bear market rally) is ending and no you can expect a deep wave C down lasting until 2017. Robert Prechter of Elliott Wave International calls it "FREE FALL TERRITORY" in a deflationary crash.

Remarkably, the 31 year bond bull market topped in the last quarter of 2012 and interest rates have now risen 100% already. Gold and silver topped in the fall of 2011 with gold going parabolic to $1,912 per ounce and silver skyrocketing to $49 per ounce. Precious metals most likely will now have a multiple year 61.8 percent drop to below $750 per ounce for gold and $5 per ounce for silver. Only then will precious metals prices build a base in what may be the next 10 to 20 year mania and bubble due to government usual attempt to try to fiat paper money over problems.

This time - the problems will be crashing prices, high interest rates, and 50 percent unemployment threatening civil disorder and your family's survival. Silver prices have already dropped over 50 percent.

Even the price of oil may top out. Stocks, real estate, most bonds, many commodities, collectibles and artwork may all drop ninety percent, or more, in the next three and a half years. The coming deflation economy will be known as the Greater Depression.

When asset values crash your cash ends up in “money heaven.” Poof - gone! Hurry and get prepared for a major depression three times worse and lasting three times longer than the one back in the 1930's.

With real unemployment rates approaching 14.7% (the government's own figures of one year period when one includes those who have given up looking or have taken a lower paying part time job), the economic crash is coming on stronger and faster. In fact, the real current unemployment rate may be closer to 25% when one includes all those workers that have had to take part time jobs and those who have given up looking for a job and gone back to school or joined the underground economy. Unemployment may hit 50% in 2017 with attendant civil discord, starvation, water shortages and riots in the streets!

This is due to the "multiplier effect" in economics. The multiplier effect (in reverse) says fewer jobs means decreased economic activity as people have less money to buy goods and services. Subsequently, sales drop and businesses have to lay off more and more workers year after year. This is known as a vicious cycle spiral. It acts like a snowball rolling down a hill gaining speed and size.

It won't stop until there is a total wipe-out so as to liquidate years of fraudulent fiat monopoly money creation by some 150 nefarious elite owned central banks the world over. Austrian economics maintains the only cure for credit inflation is a crashing credit deflation. It is a needed healing and curative process.

Zionism Sabotage

You will not see this on Zionist owned television.

Already, the next phase of the bear market is sweeping in from Europe like it swept in from Germany back in 1929. The Zionist elite have "loaned up" the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain) and European Union proscribed “austerity.” Austerity is code for more totalitarian control with new rules and regulations meant to bankrupt the world's middle class and keep the workers on slave wages. France and now Germany's economy are also contracting in one form or another.

In addition, the central banking Zionist elite have goosed the economies of the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China so as to weaken the West to allow an evil fascist authoritarian Jew world order new world order dictatorship takeover.

The elite plot is a purposeful 300 plus years of Zionistdirected history to take away middle class freedom and liberty and grow a socialist fascist one world government dictatorship by scaring us all into accepting globalist institutions like the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization and the Bank for International Settlements etc. Starting out as a plot for Jewish independent country in Palestine (which they underhandedly achieved in 1948), the Zionist continue to this day fomenting war and conniving a world government dictatorship over us.

The recent contagion in Cyprus exemplified an authoritarian scheme by the European Union, The European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund as they demanded that the little island rip-off its banks depositors, agree to austerity measures and close it's Laiki Bank (the second largest bank). On April 29 of 2013, as a condition of receiving a ten billion Euro bailout loan, the islands bank depositors were hit with a whopping 60 percent "contribution" bail-in for accounts over 100,000 euros at the largest bank - the Bank of Cyprus. Since 30 percent of deposits reportedly were from Russian oligarchs and crime bosses this may be more of an ongoing war on tax havens, Russian mafia and money laundering. So, the powers-that-be set Cyprus up as an example of what will happen if one does not condescend to the central banking elite. A secondary reason for the draconian treatment was the fact that Cyprus got overextended buying toxic Greek debt instruments.

The elite owned Jewish mainstream media downplayed the BAIL-IN "haircut" maintaining the Cypriot problem was small and contained in a similar fashion to the faux-press about Lehman Brother's problems back in 2008. New Zealand is apparently considering a Cyprus-style deposit confiscation solution to any future bank failure with an Open Bank Resolution (OBR) proposed by Finance Minister Bill English - according to Green Party co-leader, Dr. Russel Norman. Now, we hear rumblings that Canada is also considering using a similar illegal theft if needed.

Bank holidays, bail-ins (deposit theft) and even converting pension and 401Ks to only allow investments in government paper like Obama's proposed MY IRA are likely in the US someday. A total rip-off of it's citizens. Even Obama projects a budget deficit of $20 trillion by 2020.

The financial elite Zionist Jewish Mafia uses chaos to create crisis upon crisis to foster global union in small steps toward fascism and tyranny in a socialist world government dictatorship. Their solutions always mean more rules, more control and bigger government (especially at the United Nations).

"The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the law of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence." By John Adams

Of course, NAFTA, GATT and planned future trade agreements (Trans Pacific Partnership, North American Trade Union and European Trade Union) create a massive job drain. Companies that have products, parts and call centers outsourced to foreign countries with cheap labor don't help Americans find work. Jobs get sucked overseas to cheap labor countries snookered into borrowing from the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the World Trade Organization. A globalist dictatorship advances threatening our freedom and liberty through the globalization of poverty everywhere and militarization toward a first strike nuclear World War Three they actually think is winnable.

It seems Money Power or the powers-that-be aspire to be "Big Brother" in a dictatorial socialist one world government oligarchy with you as their pawn, serf or slave. Most all politicians and bureaucrats in both parties, throughout Europe and in the rest of the world are puppets for the Zionist elite and are in on the global governance plot. This is Tyranny! You have been punked!

The planned chaos of a 90 percent drop in asset prices means you have few deflation investments. The 50 percent unemployment during the coming Kondratiev long wave winter may be final economic straw that breaks our country's and our Constitution's back. Cash Is King!

The rise of police state fascism is evident in acts by a corrupt Congress and even more corrupt executive branch executive orders and acts to abscond with your liberty and freedom. To name a few: The unconstitutional Patriot Act, the planned purchase of 30,000 drone aircraft, the purchase of 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition by the Department of Homeland Security et al, the National Defense Resources Preparedness Act (setting up martial law to be foisted on us in the next terrorist red alert) and the unconstitutional Indefinite Detention Act which absconds with your right of habeas corpus and the right to a lawyer and trial.

Then there are several hundred unconstitutional Obama executive orders along with falsehoods and whitewashes by the US government and renegade out of control President Barack Hussein Obama like the Osama bin Laden dead again hoax, the Obama Fast and Furious (gun running in Mexico scandal) and the kidnap slaying of the U.S. Ambassador in Benghazi, Libya Christopher Stevens.

All the while, the financial power elite criminal cabal first sells out their assets and shorts the stock, bond and commodity markets and then hides in the safety of US dollars so as to be able to buy the surviving assets back at pennies on the dollar in 2016-2017. Remarkably, for this reason, the US dollar will be strengthening as money flees other countries for safety in America.

Conclusion: The elite central banksters helped set up the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 so as to weaken the once strong United States. They have plotted and schemed against the world’s middle classes and poor by usurping power and wealth along with the worth of their wealth and retirement savings. The middle classes and the poor get pushed into accepting global governance. Fear and chaos drives them relentlessly toward specially prepared one-world government control facilities and institutions like NATO and the International Criminal Court to name a few more. One-worldism through war and purposeful chaos is to bring about a Jew world order new world order which will be the biggest tyranny and subterfuge on earth. The end result may be a flame-out of civilization like what happened to Rome and a New Dark Ages feudalism if we are not careful. None of this is talked about on the mainstream media because the evil Jewish elite own and control the press and Hebrew Hollywood.

PS: Stand by the Constitution and free-market thinking. Support the truth told by the alternate media in the Internet Reformation Revolution. Lobby for private gold backed money and smaller government. Get gold and senior gold stocks (at lower prices) and store food, water, propane, guns, necessities and essentials. Get out of debt. Get some “mattress cash.” Cash is king in a deflation economy!

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How YOU can survive the financial central banking elite's caused deflationary Greater Depression & totalitarian takeover try! THINK: 300 YEARS OF DIRECTED HISTORY AS MEGA RICH SUBVERSIVE ZIONISTS BECOME A BIG BROTHER WORLDWIDE MAFIA! IT IS THAT BAD!








My Mission: To help you survive what will become known as the Greater Depression with a stock market crash three times as large and lasting three times longer than the 1930's hyperdeflation.

Please bookmark this page so that you can come back to this extremely relevant deflation survival guide information. Please like, share, donate and play it forward. The more people prepared and not down at the long soup lines, the wretched shantytown or the squalid tent city - the better.



Biggest Bubble Ever Marks 5th Year of Stock Rally
Dallas Fed president: Asset-price bubble "may result in tears" for investors

By Elliott Wave International

Editor's note: You will find a text version of this story below the video.

Start your free 2-week trial of our Financial Forecast Service now. Learn more »

Lehman Brothers, Washington Mutual, Bear Stearns and many smaller financial firms failed during the subprime mortgage meltdown.

The next financial flameout will likely be more destructive than what occurred between 2007 and 2009.

Granted, that is a dire forecast, given that the previous financial crisis was the most severe since the Great Depression.

But with the stock market rally near a five-year milestone, EWI's indicators suggest even greater risks vs. what we saw at the 2007 market peak.

You'll recall that the stock market topped in October 2007. But at the start of that year, most investors had the attitude of "full steam ahead." Even so, the Elliott Wave Financial Forecast gave subscribers a warning. Here's an excerpt from the January 2007 issue:


When investors are optimistic, confidence remains high and liquidity expands ... But they celebrate the condition and come to view it as a "self-sustaining" virtue only when it is nearly over.

Several sentiment measures say that today's optimism is as high or higher. Even so, lopsided sentiment is just one red flag. The just-published March Financial Forecast warns of an even bigger financial flameout.

Even the head of a Federal Reserve Bank is talking about a bubble.

Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher amplified some lingering concerns that the central bank's policy stimulus is stoking asset-price bubbles that "may result in tears" for investors acting on bad incentives...

"I fear that we are feeding imbalances similar to those that played a role in the run-up to the financial crisis," he said.

Reuters, March 5

The just-published Financial Forecast gives you insight into the nation's staggering credit expansion, and tells you about "a leading signal of an impending credit contraction," which is flashing a bigger warning than it did in 2007!

Indeed, the first chart in the issue shows unequivocal evidence that the United States may face the biggest financial bubble in the country's history.

Review that chart and the entire issue for free.

The March 2014 Financial Forecast is the best read on Wall Street and you can have it on your computer screen for two weeks at no charge. Learn more about your FREE two-week trial by following this link.

This article was syndicated by Elliott Wave International and was originally published under the headline Biggest Bubble Ever Marks 5th Year of Stock Rally. EWI is the world's largest market forecasting firm. Its staff of full-time analysts led by Chartered Market Technician Robert Prechter provides 24-hour-a-day market analysis to institutional and private investors around the world.


Dear Investor,

To become an independent investor, you have to crawl before you walk and walk before you run.

Even after you're on your feet, the first step isn't easy: A nudge in the right direction can help.

Robert Prechter's recent keynote speech, "How Market Losers Think, and How to Stop Doing It," is that nudge.

It was only a few months ago -- in a packed ballroom at the world's largest investment conference with attendees on the edge of their seats -- that Prechter overturned several of the most widespread investment myths.

In turn, he provided the evidence-based alternative for market causality.

Only the few hundred people who sat in that room have seen this presentation -- until now.

If you mistrust the conventional notions that markets are always efficient, investors are always rational and prices always reflect value, give Prechter 23 minutes of your time.

In those 23 minutes, you will discover …

•How events like 9/11 and the Enron scandal have a relationship to markets that is shockingly different than what you think. •The surprising link between interest rates and stocks. •Inflation and deflation's impact on hard money. •Central bankers' supposed power to turn trends. •What new data says about the long-term viability of investment models based on earnings and value. •And more, including the secret force that drives the decisions of futures traders, investment advisers, money managers, hedge fund managers and economists. The video is free, and it's just a couple of clicks away. Find a quite location, and watch it now.

Follow this link to learn more and to watch Prechter's speech now -- it's free >>

Best regards,

About the Publisher, Elliott Wave International Founded in 1979 by Robert R. Prechter Jr., Elliott Wave International (EWI) is the world's largest market forecasting firm. Its staff of full-time analysts provides 24-hour-a-day market analysis to institutional and private investors around the world.


YOU NEED TO SEE how the Zionist criminal cabal of financial power elite central banking families plan a worldwide socialist dictatorship with you as their subject, servant, serf or slave. That is, if you are not culled in the coming phony Iran war leading to phony World War Three. Afterward you may get a New Dark Ages flame-out like Rome experienced if we don't stop the terrible totalitarian takeover scheme. Go to:




I see no bottom to the current downward trend. All bubbles are ready to burst and there is nothing the government or anyone else can do to stop it. Real unemployment is trending at close to 20% and special groups like blacks and students are twice that. Housing is doing the dead cat bounce and our political leaders are to busy lining their own pockets to care much what happens in the country. Our enemy's are licking their collective chops and are ready to carve up the rest of the world. Obama is off to Israel to stir the pot and we are on the brink of WWIII while he contemplates the nationalization of all retirement accounts. We follow the trend of history, from slavery, to revolution, to government, to anarchy and finally back to slavery.



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Delwyn Lounsbury lives "off the grid" on 50 acres which has over a thousand trees and few neighbors in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

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Fascism in America: Your US police state approves 30,000 spy drones. Why?
Aliens Among Us Hoax
Aliens among us? Why you've been duped, conned, punked!
Collectivism is Communism
Collectivism by elite is a socialist totalitarian dictatorial takeover. Why?
Obama War Powers Act Sedition and Treason Will Make Deflation Worse
Why Obama War Powers Act sediton and treason will make deflation worse and hasten World War Three.
Obama Globalist & One World Government Ambitions
Obama globalist intentions mean one world government if we don't watch out.
Obama Citizenship Questions
Questions about President Obama citizenship & birth certificate questions
Obama Defense of Marriage Act Unconstitutional Controversy
Obama Defense Of Marriage Act unconstitutional ruling controversy.
Obama Jobs Speech
The Obama jobs speech from "Obama the Job Loss President"
Obama Law License
Obama law license plot. Why did both Obama's have to turn in their law licenses?
Obama Sedition Over ObamaCare Unconstitutional Ruling
President Obama sedition over ObamaCare unconstitutional ruling.
Obama Social Security Number Controversy
Obama social security number (042684425) fraud and sedition continues
Obama the Downgrade President
Obama the downgrade president henceforth and forevermore.
Recind the Obama Transparency Award
Recind the Obama transparency award It reminds me of Hitler fascism.
Obama White House In Crisis - Is the Economy Set Up for a Perfect Storm?
Obama White House in crisis - Obama White House info.
Survival Food Storage
Survival food storage is of utmost relevancy to you in coming deflation economy & 50% unemployment.
Runaway Inflation Over!
Runaway inflation most likely over. Beware coming deflationary Greater Depression! Hurry and get prepared!
Credit Deflation
Money Power elite caused coming credit deflation crash. Your assets deflate 90%. Why?
Obama Debt
Obama debt has destroyed the future of America. What can you do to survive?
Obama Election Will Make Deflation & Greater Depression Worse
Why Obama election in 2012 will make deflation & Greater Depression worse. Dr. Walter Williams article.
Obama Failure Solyndra Bankruptcy
Obama Failure! Solyndra bankruptcy a big Obama failure and black eye.
Stock Market Crash Imminent
Stock market crash imminent as contagion from Europe makes Greater Deflationary Depression worse.
Stock Crash
Beware stock crash as despicable elite central bankers gain total control in coming Greater Depression. Hurry!
Bitcoins prices crashed 62% then recovered some. Why? What are they?
Abolish the IRS
Abolish the IRS - replace it with a fair flat consumption tax & push for Independent Counsel investigation
Obama Birth Certificate Controversy Forgery Fake Fraud
Obama birth certificate controversy, Proof Obama birth certificate forgery by expert graphics designers-See Sheriff Joe Arpaio Posse Videos Here!
NASA Confirms Climate Change Con
NASA confirms climate change con & contradicts so-called greenhouse gases theory & global warming hoax.
Pension Plan and 401K Nationalization Coming
Beware pension plan, IRA and 401K nationalization & the end of your mortgage deduction
Wag the Terror Alert Hoax
Wag the terror alert - full western mainstream media wag the dog smokescreen subterfuge at behest of corrupt US government.
Beware Coming Deflationary Depression
Beware the coming deflationary depression. Asset prices drop 90%. Why?
Shadow Banking Crisis
The shadow banking crisis may start in China and then morph into a world mega default.
The Pension Ponzi Scheme
The pension ponzi scheme means pension peril for you.
Libertarian Ron Paul
Long live Libertarian Ron Paul
Contrary Opinion Theory
The contrary opinion theory sentiment index is essentially an overbought - oversold calculation.
Beware the Jewish Financial Power Elite
Beware the Jewish financial power elite planned dominion of the world dictatorship in a Jew world order.
Beware Deflationary Financial Crisis
Beware coming deflationary financial crisis caused by Zionist elite banksters. Hurry!
Beware Putin Project Double Eagle
Putin Project Double Eagle - gold only for Russian oil & gas could crash world economy.
Real Estate Deflation
Beware real estate deflation and continued crash. Real estate to drop 90% by 2017. Why?
Austrian Economics 101
What is Austrian economics and why it is important to your survival in the coming Greater Depression.
President Obama Bankrupting America
Why is President Obama Bankrupting America on purpose? Obama Marxist Zionist puppet!
Beware Dow Divisor Ponzie Scheme
Beware the Dow divisor ponzie scheme
World Deflation and End of US Empire
Coming world deflation and end of US empire. Beware Zionist one world government dictatorship.
Gold and Deflation in the Greater Depression
Gold and deflation will mean a 61.8% drop in price in the Greater Depression -then buy it.
Obama Benghazi Conspiracy
Obama Benghazi conspiracy a cover-up whitewash by elite owned mainstream media.
Deflation Economics
Deflation economics proves we are in the Greater Depression. Hurry and get prepared!
President Obama Fraud
President Obama fraud as puppet & mole for Zionist Rothschild family who want a world dictatorship..
The Kondratiev Kondratieff Wave Theory
The Kondratiev Kondratieff wave theory says Greater Depression is already here
Obama Gay Sex and Drugs
Obama gay sex and drugs scandal. See it all here - Obama smoking pot, obama bisexual, choom gang etc.
Collectivist Conspiracy
The collectivist conspiracy - the biggest story in the World. Beware the New World Order.
Beware Bank Bailout Bailin Scheme
Beware bank bailout bailin game because taxpayers always pay the bill
Obama Unconstitutional War Crimes
Obama unconstitutional war crimes continue with his execution of U.S. citizens.
Bonds and Deflation in the Greater Depression
Beware bonds and deflation in the coming Greater Depression spike in interest rates.

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